We have something for everyone! Whether you want to be the next Felix Cane, a Cirque du Soleil Performer - or you just want to get a little bit fitter!



Our Aerial Silks classes will teach you to use aerial silks (also known as Tissu or Fabric) to create a range of beginners moves, sequences and choreography. A beautiful art form and a great way to get aerially fit! This class is suitable for complete beginners!


Mixed ability pole classes are suitable for students of all levels - from complete beginners to advanced. You will be paired up with students of a similar ability and your instructor will give you new moves each week to work on that are suitable for your current level/ability. 


At Spin City, our Beginners Pole Classes are suitable for complete beginners with no previous pole experience and those who are just learning the basic spins and are not comfortable inverting. Here you will learn the basic hand and leg grips, spins and transitions. 


Intermediate/Advanced Pole is for students who are progressing through their inverted moves. To attend these classes, you will need to have mastered the following moves: A good basic invert, Gemini, Butterfly, Cross Knee or Cross Ankle Release and be working on your Shoulder Mount. 


Aerial Hoop (also known as Lyra or Cerceau) is a large steel hoop, suspended from the ceiling on which you can perform aerial acrobatics! Our classes will run through a series of conditioning exercises - followed by a new set of tricks or movements on the hoop with combinations and routines to challenge you! Our mixed ability classes are suitable for all levels and abilities! 


At Spin City, our Beginners Aerial Hoop Classes are suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience of aerial hoop and for those who are working on the basic aerial hoop moves but don't feel comfortable in a mixed ability class. 


Intermediate/Advanced Aerial Hoop Classes are aimed at students who are confident with the range of beginners hoop moves! To attend these classes, you need to have mastered the following moves: Gazelle, Amazon, Pike in the Hoop, Front Balance and Back Balance. 


Our Beginners Trapeze classes are suitable for complete beginners with no experience and also for those who are working on the basic poses or have some hoop experience. In these classes we will work through a series of beginners Trapeze moves and sequences, look at some choreography and teach you how to use conditioning to get stronger on this exciting piece of equipment! 


Pole Fabric incorporates pole and aerial silks into one. Pole Aria can take your pole routine to a whole new level of artistry. Pole Fabric is a unique, innovative and artistic approach to pole fitness. A great way to learn silks for the first time - it has to be seen to be believed! Basic pole skills such as a range of basic spins and a basic invert on the pole will be needed to attend this class.  


Strength and conditioning is a circuits based class using all of the aerial equipment. Are you struggling to get to the next level in your training? This class will teach you aerial specific strength and conditioning exercises that will increase your core strength, arm and leg strength to step you up to that next level! 


Do you struggle to make it to a regular class? Are you learning pole fitness or aerial hoop but don't have a pole or hoop at home to practice on? Spin City run regular practice sessions where you will have access to all our aerial equipment! Everybody welcome whether you are a spin city student or learning at another local school. 


Flexibility is key when it comes to aerial fitness - so join Steph every Sunday and Monday to get your body stretched out! Stretches will help increase your back flexibility, splits flexibility, and will leave your body feeling stretched and flexed! 


Children find Aerial classes fun and varied, like an adventure playground! They will develop a huge range of skills from improved co-ordination to increased flexibility and strength. They will be able to explore creatively with each apparatus, learning and even creating combinations of moves. 

We also run regular workshops in aerial silks, corde lisse, masterclasses and events. Keep an eye on our facebook group for more info!