Why Spin City?

Spin City prides itself on our professionalism, level of expertise and friendly welcoming atmosphere. We take our pole fitness, aerial work, dance and burlesque seriously and will ensure you get a great workout, meet like minded people and increase your fitness levels in every way through this exciting course.

What kind of people attend pole fitness classes?

Pole fitness is suitable for all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Its natural to feel intimidated attending your first session - but just remember, everyone in your class will be beginners and our expert instructors will provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere to get you hooked!

What are the benefits of pole/aerial fitness? 

    • The benefits of pole dancing and aerial fitness are immense.
    • Burn calories - 300 per class approx
    • Sculpt and tone your muscles - especially your arms and abdominals
    • Increase your flexibility
    • Improve coordination, grace, style and dance ability
    • Build your confidence and self-esteem
    • Have a great workout in a fun, social environment!

    How do I book and pay?

    You can book your class via our online booking system all class payments are made online via the online booking system. Any problems booking on just drop us an email or give us a call! 

    I'm not very athletic or co-ordinated will I be able to do it?

    At Spin City we welcome everyone - regardless of dance experience, athletic ability or fitness level. Being able to support your body weight and having a little coordination will help but remember - these are the skills you will learn during your course. As with everything, it will come more naturally to some people that others but everyone can do it! We all learn in different ways, at different speeds and Spin City helps provide an inclusive atmosphere to learn in where you can develop your own unique dance style!

    What should I wear/bring?

    Bare arms and legs are essential to grip the pole, so we would recommend shorts and a t-shirt or vest, with either trainers, dance shoes or bare feet - comfortable gym clothes. Try not to moisturise the day of your class as this can affect your grip on the pole. 

    If you are joining us for an aerial hoop class then tight layers are best! Leggings work really well and it can help if you have two layers on your legs (so tights and leggings, or 2 pairs of leggings or leggings and leg warmers).